Where the Secret Lies

Recorded over the Summer of 1997 at the AFM Records building in Beaver Falls, PA, the debut album from Mind's I was warmly received by local music fans and critics alike upon its release in January 1998.  The album featured a very laid-back collection of strum-pop songs penned largely by lead singer Tom Panei, and received airplay on several regional radio stations including 97.7 FM WLER, 105.9 FM WXDX, 102.5 FM WDVE, and 91.1 FM WYEP.  The buzz around the new album, especially the song Angel, helped propel the band to the semi-finals in the 1998 Graffiti Rock Challenge (where they were eliminated by the eventual winners that year - the Buzz Poets).  Other perennial favorites on the album include the upbeat Plug and the rocking anthem My Time.


Fun fact: Where the Secret Lies was the only album in the Mind's I catalog recorded on tape.  (Specifically 2" tape on an Otari console).  The masters were taken to California by AFM Records and were lost when the label folded shortly thereafter.



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