Train Wreck

After Scott returned to Mind's I in 2007 following a nearly three-year absence, the band did some recording at a friend's home studio in an effort to capture some of the music that had been written since the departure of original guitarist Greg Muiter in 2002.  The band invited Greg to lay down the remaining tracks that had not been recorded prior to his departure during these sessions as well, for the sake of posterity.  A formal album release was not originally the plan, however the sessions began to be fruitful, so the rough tracks were moved to Soundscape Studios to be mixed by Doug Kasper.  The result is the 2010 release Train Wreck; an eclectic mix of old and new Mind's I that showcases all the amazing strengths of this band. 97.7 FM WLER regularly plays tracks In The Afternoon and Train Wreck.



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