Scott Herbst

Bassist and co-founder Scott Herbst occupies the low-end of the sonic spectrum for Mind’s I on all the band’s releases.  He is also the primary driver behind much of the band’s promotional design work (show posters, web sites, direct mailers, CD covers, etc.)   Scott has contributed lyrics to many Mind’s I songs (Spoke, Greener, Let Me Be, She’s Turned It Off), and is the songwriter behind the song Plug from the band’s debut album.


Scott performed in several bands throughout high school with original Mind’s I guitarist Greg Muiter.  He also performed with original Mind’s I drummer Chris Compton in The Weasels before the genesis of Mind’s I.  While on his three-year hiatus from the band from 2004-2007, (during which time he was replaced by the talented Chad Goldbach), Scott performed and recorded an album with CCM band Clockwise Scarlett.  Scott currently works with Compton and Mind’s I guitarist Jamie Hook in the band Mr. Furley.


Outside of music, Scott enjoys camping, hiking, and biking.



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