Jamie Hook

Jamie Hook is the lead guitarist for Mind's I. A seasoned veteran of the regional music scene, Jamie was the permanent replacement for original Mind's I guitarist Greg Muiter (who had been briefly replaced by D. J. Paga following Greg's departure from the band in 2003).


Prior to joining Mind's I, Jamie had performed with Peacefield, Plastik Eddy, and Cave.


Jamie embraces and draws inspiration from a diverse mix of hard rock guitar heroes ranging from Jimmy Page to Tom Morello. His musical prowess is complemented by an affable stage presence that endears him to all who see him perform.


In addition to Mind's I, Jamie sings and plays guitar in the rock cover band Mr. Furley with Scott and former Mind’s I drummer Chris Compton.


When he's not shredding the guitar, Jamie enjoys golfing, squatchin', and various other outdoor activities with friends.


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